Faith Isn’t Just a Noun

Faith and denial often face off. For example; when we pray to the powers that be to bring us, say a job, and our prayers go unanswered, the last thing we look at is our part in the equation. It’s easy to forget that faith isn’t just a noun but also a verb, thus requires some type of action on our part. If we ask for the things that we want and they don’t manifest, that is not always a reflection of our level of faith, but more often than not, a reflection of our level of action. We can pray for what we want, but we shouldn’t confuse faith with denial. In other words, ask for that job, but then get out there and knock on some doors and do your part to MAKE it happen.

The Power of No

Why is it so damn hard to say the word “no.” Probably because those two teeny,
tiny innocent syllables, come with a whole load of guilt attached to them. Learning to be true to who we are means setting boundaries, learning when to tell people “no” and sticking to our guns. We (ahem) people-pleasers, know oh too well, how our need for approval can turn a no into a maybe and then into a yes in record time. “We are good people,” we reassure ourselves, while underneath we are seething with resentment and frustration at our chickenshit-esk ways. Today, if you don’t want to do something, I give you permission to be self-first (a more evolved selfish) and say “no.” Then get the hell out of there before your brain realizes what you did.

Dreaming With Our Eyes Open

Faith can be a tricky thing, because it requires us to trust in something that we cannot see-leaving us at the mercy of fate. We can hope and wish for something, placing all of our faith in those desires, only to have fate step in with a totally different plan. While I do believe in the power of positive thinking because our thoughts are energy, I equally believe in the randomness of life, or fate. Today, allow yourself to dream as big as you dare too, but don’t confuse possibility with probability because then you are just a “dreamer.” We must all learn to dream
with our eyes wide open.

Guilty Pleasure

The late, great Whitney Houston summed up the power of love in her inspiring
anthem with the words; “Learning to love your self is the greatest love of all.” No
matter how deeply the thought of loving ourselves may resonate within us, society
has brainwashed us into believing that it is a guilty pleasure. The idea of loving
ourselves before others makes us feel selfish and ashamed. Yet, if we think back to
when were children, loving ourselves was as natural as breathing. We saw our
magnificence and we had no problem basking in it. Today, remove guilt from the
equation and just allow the child you once were to remember how natural it was to
completely love yourself.

It Isn’t Rocket Science

Every thought that passes through our mind creates a neural pathway. These
pathways then become part of our brain’s working circuitry. Over time, some
circuits get so big that the thoughts go into autopilot and without even knowing
it, we can feed ourselves subconscious messages like:“I can’t do this,” or “I will
never lose weight.” The good news is that the brain is adaptable and can build
new neural pathways anytime that we make the conscious effort. Today, even if
you don’t believe it, start telling yourself: “I can do this,” or “I can lose weight,”
and overtime these positive thoughts will override the negative ones, becoming
automatic. It’s not rocket science-it’s brain science. and we all hold the power!

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Let’s face it girls, It doesn’t matter if we are a supermodel,
or the girl next door, when we look in the mirror, we are all
our harshest critics; seeing the tiniest flaws. The truth is that
no one cares about the less than perfect curve of our nose,
those fine lines around our eyes or even our little muffin top,
because they are too busy obsessing about their OWN stuff.
The mirror can be our worse enemy, or it can teach us to accept
our own unique beauty. Today, when you look into the mirror,
don’t focus on all those little things you dislike about yourself,
but rather, focus your attention on one thing you LOVE about
yourself and go out into the world and rock on with your bad