Rock On Sistah

In Ethiopia, Lucy, the first recorded female hominin has another name, Dinkinesh which means “you are marvelous.” But did Lucy think she was marvelous-or did she hate the hair all over her body, her long, dangling arms or her mere three and a half foot stature? Did she incessantly compare herself to the other females in her clan and see them as a threat or did they bond together to form a sisterhood 3.2 million years ago? Sadly, Lucy probably learned pretty quickly that her fellow sisters were not her friends at all, but very real threats to her chances of finding a guy to protect her from the imminent dangers lurking around every corner. If this is true then competition is not exclusive to our male counterparts, but hardwired into us women at a very primordial level as well. Today, tell that part of your primitive brain that feels threatened by other women to just get over it and then you rock on with your bad self Sistah!

The Power Of Ten

Although we humans have come a long way from the single cells that we evolved from-we can’t seem to utilize more than ten percent of our full brain potential. Maybe we shouldn’t worry so much about tapping into the remaining ninety percent of our noggin, but focus on utilizing what we do have 100 percent. Can you honestly say that you are using your ten percent to its full potential? If the answer is “no” then consciously make that shift. Today, resolve to start fully utilizing your ten percent by setting daily goals that exceed your current expectations.


All 50 trillion cells that make up your body are individual and intelligent beings
which have the ability to pass down memories to their off spring that they learn
from the environment. So, if you(the environment)keep repeating the cycle of negative thinking, these negative thoughts stored in your cells are then passed down to the new cells and so the negative cycle continues. Over time, all of these negative message stored in our very intelligent cells have the potential to create “dis-ease” within our bodies. Today, become more conscious of the messages you are telling yourself because 50 trillion cells are listening.

Watch Your Words

Words are powerful-so if you spend all of your time talking
about where you are not, rather than where you want to be-
that is exactly the reality you will create for yourself. This isn’t
just “new-age” philosophy, but good old fashion “cause and
effect.” Our thoughts alone do not create our reality, but this
intent is the motivation behind our actions, or lack there of.
So, if you want a better job, but spend all of your time com-
plaining about the one that you have, then chances are you
will most likely remain stuck in that job until you take the
needed action to manifest a better one. Words are simply a
bunch of sounds, but these sounds have the power to lay out
the reality of our life. Today, watch your words. When you
hear yourself saying something counterproductive to your
true desires, stop yourself, cancel out those words and quickly
replace them with sounds that more accurately resonate the

New Lens, New View

On the first day of journalism class in college, my professor said
something that I never forgot, “When you assume something, you
make an ass out of you and me.”
Over the years that stuck with me,
not just as an aspiring journalist, but in life as well. It’s so easy to auto-
matically assume the worst about a situation or a person without any
information to back those assumptions up. Life is about perception
and negative early life experiences can leave us vulnerable to thinking
the worst case scenario. Luckily, our brains are very resilient, giving
us the ability to re-frame our thoughts from negative to positive and
create new neural pathways at any time. Today, if a negative situation
pops up, don’t immediately think the worst and see it through tunnel
vision. Instead, try looking at the problem or circumstance through a
variety of different lens that provides more than one vantage point or

Thanks For Not Sharing

There exists a fine line between expressing our pain to others and over-sharing. Our bodies are equipped with communication skills for a reason and I am sure that we can all agree that we just feel better when we don’t keep our feelings all bottled up. Yet, there is also a point that we have to learn to shut off our feelings.The way our brain’s are wired, each time we think about something, we create neural pathways, and over time, these pathways become stronger until it is part of our brain circuitry. Once it becomes a habit, it gets stored in our subconscious mind and filed away as data. In our day to day lives, it’s important to share events that bother us, but it is more important to not over-share. Today, if you are going through a hard time, instead of obsessing about it and telling everyone who will listen. Stop reinforcing the negative pathways in your brain and shift your attention away from the problem as often as you can. Fake it til you make it baby.

Dare to Dream

Our thoughts create our reality and science is proving that our brains cannot differentiate between a real experience, or an imagined one. If you don’t buy into this theory then imagine eating a lemon, and see how your body physically reacts just thinking about it. Now close your eyes and picture yourself in the most tranquil place you can Imagine. after a few minutes, open your eyes and see how relaxed you feel. Einstein knew that man’s most valuable and unlimited resource was his/her imagination, yet most people don’t spend nearly enough time day dreaming. It is amazing that our brains can learn new things and create new neural pathways
simply byimagining it. Today, don’t wait for everything that you dream of to
happen before you see it. See it first and create it!