Wiggle Room

Today lighten up. Spiritual enlightenment doesn’t mean that we don’t have bad
days or that we are immune from losing our cool in traffic. It is having the ability
to regroup when we are not aligned with love and accepting responsibility for our
negative actions. It is then forgiving those actions and re-connecting to the person
we are striving to become spiritually. We may all be perfect spiritual beings, but we
are far from human perfection. The key is to strive for perfection but to leave lots
of wiggle room for mistakes. Remember, we are all a masterpiece in the work.
Today the mantra is progress not perfection.

Heart Felt

Today nurture your passion. All of us have the ability to discover our
passions and then mindfully nurture them. In order to find our passion,
we must first ask ourselves the question ‘what brings me joy?’ Sadly, we
live in a world were most trade their passion for practicality. Of course
the bills have to be paid, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up
on our passions all-together. Today, take a singing class, start a blog to
showcase your poetry, pick up a paint brush and discover the artist within.
Income and passion don’t have to be synonymous. We can do what we
love simply because it brings us joy. And, hey you never know when your
passion may turn into something bigger.

Tail Chasing

Today don’t try so hard. The answers we need are usually right in front of us if
we stop looking. There is a Chinese proverb about an old cat watching a younger
cat chase its tail. The old cat asks the young cat ‘why are you chasing your tail my
friend?’ The young cat responds ‘I was told that I would find happiness if I caught
my tail.’ The old, wise cat then says with a smile ‘see me, I just go about my business
and my tail follows me where ever I go.’ Today, stop chasing after the answers and
know that they are right there behind you.

Mental Timeout

Today take five. Sometimes things can just feel c-r-a-z-y. When we bump up
against life’s obstacles, the best thing to do is take a needed mental timeout.
Switching gears in our brain can be the best remedy if we are pulling our hair
out over a problem. Go for a walk, play a video game or close your eyes and
fantasize. Nothing is more important than your piece of mind so don’t hesitate
to step back from a frustrating situation today and give your brain a break.The
problem will still be the same when you come back to it-but your attitude
won’t be.

The Happiness Equation

Today do the math. So things aren’t adding up at the moment eh? The job is a
joke, you and your loved one feel distant lately, the bills are greater than your
income, etc. Let’s face it-you just feel fed up period! Well, looks like you need
to start counting your blessings again-yep, Look for the positive and stop adding
up the negative. Let’s face it, we can always find something crappy to focus on
as we all often do. Today, take small ‘gratitude’ breaks and focus on one thing
you feel truly blessed with. Sit alone with an idiotic grin on your face and feel
incredibly lucky for something and just watch your entire world change.

From the Heart

Today have a heart. Compassion is a choice. We can look the other way when it
comes to human suffering or we can choose mindful compassion. While, we may
not always be able to do all that we wish to do on a grant scale-we can always do
something. Compassion is not just about digging into our pockets-its also about
digging into our hearts. Today, live from your heart and do everything you can to
show you care about others-loved ones and strangers. A small, random act of
kindness can go a long way in bettering the world and in strengthening the spirit.

Its Your Moment

Today it’s all in the moment. Far too many people spend their time planning
for the future or reminiscing about the past. The principals of quantum physics
suggest that the only true reality that we experience is this moment and anything
beyond that is non-existent. If that is the case, then life should be much easier than
most of us make it right? The key to maneuvering through this elusive concept
known as time-is by learning to live moment-to-moment and not allowing our mind
to become attached to past memories or project too intensely on future ones. It
is easier said than done but with practice, all of us have the ability to be present
in the moment where time stands still long enough for us to embrace every amazing