The Face in The Mirror

Today be yourself. It seems like we wear so many hats to please the world
that we can lose sight of who we truly are. The only person any of us have
to be is ourselves. It can take some people a lifetime to fully recognize their
authentic self, but we don’t have to wait that long. Each day we can make a
conscious effort to ask ourselves ‘who am I?’ and then work at being true to
that person. Today, look into the mirror, and see the truly magnificent person
you are-then go out and proudly introduce yourself to the world.

Great is as Great Does

Today be impatient. Don’t wait for life to happen to you-go out and MAKE
it happen. We are the sum of our thoughts and actions. When we learn to
align these two then there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. When you
believe in yourself, then nothing or no one can get in the way to realizing
your goals. The reason we fail at something is because we give up-plain and
simple. Successful people never give up.They realize that in life there are
never obstacles, only opportunities. So today, if that goal seems out of reach-
stretch your arm out a little further and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Pesky Monkey

Today make time. You know what they say, ‘there’s no time like the present.’
What are you putting off in your life that gnaws away at you? Why continue
living with that monkey on your back. Procrastination is just an inability to
manage time. Once we finally get to those things that we have been putting off,
we always feel such relief. Make a list of the things you have been continually
placing on the back burner and create a realistic plan to tackle them one-by-one.
The problem is not the tasks themselves but the overwhelming thought of doing
them all at once. Today, start the process of taking charge of your life with
small goals and shake that pesky monkey off your back.

Here and Now

Today tune in. As children we are totally in sync with our surrounding
and everything is larger than life. We smell, hear and feel with every
ounce of our beings. Slowly, over time, most people begin the process
of losing touch with their senses and eventually they go into auto-pilot.
Today, be in the moment, tune into your body and make it a point to
begin the process of realigning yourself with your senses. Really listen,
smell and hear what is happening around you and watch how much more
you learn to appreciate the simple nuances that you have been taking
for granted.

Just the Way We Are

Today love yourself. Loving ourselves is not just new age jargon. It
is a powerful concept that is the source of true, lasting happiness. It’s
a sad reflection on human kind that the notion of loving ourselves is
deemed selfish. From the moment we are yanked out of the safety
and comfort of the womb we are judged. What is our Abgar score, do
we have all ten fingers and toes, is our cry at just the right tone. And
the judgment continues for the rest of our lives-teaching us to compare
ourselves to others. But the truth is, we are perfect and lovable just
the way we are. We don’t have to work for it. Today believe you are
magnificent and love yourself completely.

Thank Me

Today thank yourself. The key to true and lasting happiness comes from loving
ourselves. It’s never been a popular theory but anyone who is on a solid spiritual
path will agree that it is necessary for true enlightenment. Self-love is not self-
serving or based on ego, but rather, it stems from embracing the magnificence of
one’s self unconditionally. Today, remind yourself often how magnificent you are
and thank yourself for all the work you are doing to become a more consciously
loving human being. When each human being loves themselves, the world will
become a peaceful and loving planet.

Passion and Purpose

Today live purposefully. Do you really know what your purpose is here? How
often do you spend time focusing on that incredibly important question? The
best way to discover your life purpose is to ask yourself what am I passionate
about? What brings me joy? Most people talk themselves out of pursuing their
passion in life because they convince themselves that it isn’t practical. Today,
don’t listen to your ego which is fueled by fear. Start allowing your heart to
lead the way and begin living the purpose-driven life that you were born to live.