Wired To Survive

Today vow to thrive and not just survive. In order to adapt to a changing
and often dangerous environment, nature wired early man to be survivors.
Modern man is not much different in this‘survivor mentality.’ Yet the difference
between us and our predecessors is that we can be so much more than just
‘survivors,’ we can be ‘thrivers.’ Many people learn early on in to tap into survival
mechanisms due to circumstances. This ‘survival mode’ which begins as a coping
mechanism eventually becomes a part of their identity and they become wired
to be a survivor. The key to learning to be a thriver lies in not rejecting or shaming
our perception of ourselves as survivors, but rather recognizing that those coping
mechanisms served us well until right now. Once we make this conscious shift, then
we can move forward in a new and more empowering direction. Today, make the
decision to become a thriver and no longer just a survivor.

Left, Right, Left, Right

Today learn to meditate. True happiness is found in loving ourselves and
meditation is an effective tool in reaching that place. Through this powerful
process, we are able to quiet the chatter of our left brain and tune into our
creative, conscious right brain. Our brains have two distinctive hemispheres
which are separated by a neural bridge called the Corpus Callosum. From
infancy to age six, our brains function in a state of low consciousness because
we are primarily downloading information from our environment. All of these
messages, good and bad, then get stored in our subconscious mind for the
rest of our lives. Most of us have to teach ourselves how to become happy,
because of the subconscious messages constantly undermining our efforts.
Today, take charge of your happiness by opening yourself to meditation and
reprogram your thoughts about yourself and what you believe you deserve.

The Whole Package

Today embrace your fear. More often than not, so many of us unwillingly sabotage
ourselves out of fear. We may honestly wish to achieve a dream but we let our fears
keep us from taking the necessary steps to reach that goal. In our culture, fear has
become synonymous with ego, thus we see it has something ‘bad.’ Nature wired us
with fear for a basic evolutionary reason…survival. So fear itself is not bad per se,
because it came with the whole package and nature knew what she was doing. We
must re-frame our concept of fear and see it as a positive part of our primal side.
Without fear, we would not have the ability to retreat from danger. The key is not
getting rid of our fear or ego by shaming it, but rather, learning to appreciate it for
its intrinsic value and managing it in a healthy and balanced way. Today, if your fear
has been keeping you from moving forward in an area of your life, tell it ‘thank you
very much but you have it from here.’

Change the Message

Today change your belief about change. Change, change, change, it’s all that any
of us seem to hear, so naturally we feel as if we must constantly be working to
change ourselves. Change is a part of life’s dance and nature is a perfect example.
The problem with our need for constant change lays in the message that somehow
we are inherently flawed. We have to transcend this notion that there is something
wrong with us and begin to learn how to accept and embrace ourselves as we are
right now. Rather than say we need to change, let’s use the term evolve, because
evolving suggests that we are on a gradual path of growth. Today, let your desire
to become a better version of yourself start with the simple awareness that this
current version is already pretty damn amazing.

Weeds Be Gone

Today pull out the mental herbicide called ‘action.’ Negative thoughts are like
weeds. When they are left to grow, they can become impossible to get rid of.
Once a negative thought takes root in our conscious mind, it too, can quickly
become invasive and before we can control it, we are caught up in a habitual
pattern of negativity. The key to controlling negative thinking is through action.
Just like controlling weeds in the garden, negative thoughts must be dealt with
swiftly and aggressively. Once a negative thought pops into our mind, we must
stop it and instantly replace it with a positive one. Bad moods don’t just happen
to us. We allow them to take over by giving our power away. Today, take charge
of those destructive weeds once and for all and become the master of your garden.

Master Of Disguise

Today share your burdens. It’s not always easy to be honest about what we are
going through in our lives when so many of those around us are also masters of
disguise with their issues. None of us what to appear like the weak link in the pack,
so we all learn to suffer in silence. Learning to step out from behind the shame of
sharing our pain takes courage but it is a necessary component in our quest for
spiritual growth. We don’t need to announce the details of our lives to everyone
but, sometimes we must unburden the load on someone. Today, stop hiding in fear
of judgment and reach out to someone who you trust. Tell them the truth and then
watch as the truth sets your spirit free.

The Perfection Of You

Today redefine perfection. We hear it all the time: no one is perfect, but perhaps
it’s time to redefine the word in our inner-dictionary. The word perfect means
to reach a state of flawlessness or completion. Early on in life, each of us come
to believe that to say we are ‘perfect’ means others will see as vain and selfish.
Yet, the very first thing we say when we see a new born baby (especially ours)
is “Oh my God, (s)he is PERFECT!” Believing we are perfect, doesn’t mean that
we see ourselves superior to others or that we no longer need to grow and evolve
as human and spiritual beings. It simply means that ourself-love is so powerful
that it is able to transcend labels and recognize and embrace our magnificence.
In the laws of nature-everything is deemed perfect.