The Power of Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily life and an integral part of our evolution. It’s not the stress itself which is bad per se, but rather our individual coping mechanisms. Repeat after me, “stress is not a bad thing. Stress can be my friend.” The difference between “good” stress and “bad” stress is based on an individual’s perception of an event and their ability to recognize the difference between a perceived “threat” and a “challenge.” For example if we lose our job, after we process the initial shock of the loss, do we recognize it as an opportunity for growth or do we feel powerless and paralyzed by fear?( Remember, we can and often do vacillate between both spectrums until we find a balance.) The key to how each of us deals with stress depends on our level of self-efficacy. Today, remind yourself that life is about change and change can often be initially disguised as “stress.” Believe in yourself and remember that what didn’t kill you in the past, just pissed you off enough to fight back even harder!


Sadly, man has become so connected to technology that
he has become disconnected to others and more importantly
to him/herself. We live in a world were we want information
right this second and we are able to get it. It seems that we
spend so much time in other people’s business that we are
losing touch with the ability to be still and listen to the voice
within. The one that whispers to us who we are and what we
dream of
. The voice which reminds us that ultimately we are
all alone in a deeper more profound way and that is something
to be explored, embraced and cherished, not feared. We are
afraid to look within ourselves and discover who we truly are
so we search frantically outside for distractions. Today, begin
the process of unplugging and spend some time without any
external stimulation. Even if it is only for a few minutes. Learn
to be still and become amazed at how that stillness quickly
echoes throughout your soul. When we go within, we never
go without.

No Time

Who could argue that each passing year seems to fly by faster then the last. The
days turn into weeks, the weeks into months and before we know it, the past twelve
months are just a blur as we stand excitedly counting down the seconds to a new
year. What would life be like if we had no concept of time, like someone shipwreck-
ed on a deserted island who eventually loses track of time. Einstein believed that
time was just an illusion and that the past, present, and future existed simultaneously
This makes perfect sense if you think back to when you were a child and you lived
primarily in the lower states of consciousness. Your right brain was more dominant
and your imagination had full rein in your moment-to-moment existence. Back then,
there was no real sense of time, only endless days ahead. Fast forward to adulthood
and the shift to your left brain. Now everything is about responsibility and daily obli-
gations as you became a slave to the left side of your brain. Today, when you are
swamped with responsibilities and deadlines, consciously tap into your right brain
and remember what it was like to live each moment without any thought of time.

Spiritual Poverty

While it can be said that financial poverty is indeed a bummer, spiritual
poverty is equally, if not, more limiting. Without a connection to something
beyond ourselves, we can suffer a loneliness that yawns much deeper than
one on the physical plane. As a human being, we instinctively long to be part
of a family. It is the same for our spiritual being. It too longs to feel connected
to a loving family. Each of us has a healthy spiritual appetite that needs to be
fed and nourished daily. Without that nourishment, our spirits cannot have the
strength and vitality it needs. Today, begin nourishing your spirit by reaching
out to the universe and reconnect with your spiritual family who is waiting for
you with loving open arms.

Baggage Claim

Saying “I love you” is far easier than saying “I need you,” because when we
tell someone we need them, we feel vulnerable. The key to true intimacy is
understanding the difference between need and neediness. People often
shun the word “baggage” when it comes to relationships, yet the truth is,
we are all an amazing patchwork of trials and tribulations which makeup
the tapestry of who we are. When we are unable to walk into a relation-
ship fully owning the carry on we bring, we are not being authentic. Over
time, we can begin to feel like a fraud and eventually may hear the dreaded
words “I don’t even know who you are anymore” from our partner. When
we realize how truly magnificent we are because of and not in spite of
our life experiences, that authenticity can lead us from neediness towards
a healthy sense of vulnerability. Today, march into the room proudly carrying
your baggage as a badge of honor and own the magnificence of you.

Space Out

Today space out. Every ninety minutes or so, our brains must cycle in and
out of different rhythms or learning cannot occur. This ‘learning stage’
produces unsynchronized beta brain waves. Unfortunately, we live in a
world where there is no time for rest which keeps our minds trapped in this
constant high-frequency state. In order for information to go into our working
memory, we have to go into what is called the ‘Incubation stage.’ In this lower,
more synchronized state of consciousness(alpha, theta and delta) information
is then able to become cemented into memory. Today, allow yourself to take
a break every hour and a half and simply space out. This is not only valuable in
creating peace of mind, but also to the important process of storing information.

Open To Suggestions

Today start reprogramming. Our thoughts are the most powerful thing we possess.
They can create Heaven on earth or a living hell. People place too little power on the
ten percent consciousness that they have to work with and way too much emphasis
on the remaining ninety percent subconscious mind which is controlling the majority
of our thoughts every second. We hear a lot about the power of the subconscious
mind and not enough about how powerful our conscious minds can be with a little
hard work and discipline. The key to reprogramming our subconscious mind is
through repetition and it’s not as hard as we have been led to believe. Today, realize
that when you imbue your mind with positive, self-loving thoughts, over time, these thoughts will become part of the undercurrents of your daily thoughts-so begin now!