Rear View Mirror

Today look back. It’s often said that one should never look back, always
forward. While it is never a good thing to ruminate and wallow in our past
mistakes, there is a lot to be said about retrospection. How do we know
where we want to go if we don’t know where we have been? In order to
evolve as spiritual beings we must have the courage to examine the past.
True, we may have to look at things that aren’t so pretty, but at the end of
the day, what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger. The key to looking
back is like driving. We might glance in the rear view mirror momentarily,
but our eyes are always looking ahead.

Negative to Positive

Today expect everything. Let your mantra for the day be: I am everything
I deserve everything, I have everything. How we inoculate our minds from
negativity is by continually filling it up with positive, empowering thoughts.
The human brain is the only system in nature that can be reprogrammed.
Over time, by changing our thoughts, we can restructure the brain. When
negative self-talk begins seeping into your thoughts, stop it on the spot
and immediately replace it with a positive talk. We are what we think. Its’
not philosophy but biology.

No Pain No Gain

Today feel the pain. You know how it goes, no pain no gain. Physical
and emotional pain, are not the only types of pain we experience. we
also have to overcome spiritual pain. All of us are spiritual beings having
a human experience and like snakes, we too are constantly shedding the old
to make way for the new. Surrender is the key to evolving on a spiritual
level. While pain is a necessary part of growth, often times, pain can be a
sign of resistance. Today, don’t fight the inner-calling of your spirit to release
old modalities. Have faith in your journey and have the courage to let go.

Believe It and See

Today see the end. The difference between positive thinking and intentional
thinking is that with intentional thinking, we move beyond just wishful thinking
and visualize the end result. Today don’t just wish for the things you want in your
but believe that they already exist and feel a heart-felt sense of gratitude for them
Remember that energy is magnetic,attracting like-energy-so when you act as if
something has already manifested then you are guaranteed to see what you
believe. When you believe it you will see it.

Curve Balls

Today keep swinging. While life often throws us curve balls, we should
be grateful to be in the game. To be alive and given the opportunity
to experience this incredible journey called ‘life’ is something we should
never take for granted. Life is not a puzzle to be solved but an amazing
journey to be embraced. Some days we all feel beaten down by those
curve balls that come our way, but then out of nowhere we hit a home
run and we are once again back in the game.

See No Evil

Today be blind. Don’t look at the negative in the world, see only the good. The
world is full of beauty, kindness and grace if we choose to focus on it. Ignoring
the collective shadow of man doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge its presence-
it just means we refuse to allow it to have power over our lives. Today reject the
darkness in the world. Put on your blinders and focus on the beauty of a child’s
laughter, the magnificence of a sunset or the simple pleasure of conversation with
a good friend. At the core of darkness is light.

Stop Drop Roll

Today speak no evil. We all get angry and feel like fighting back. but
when we fight fire with fire, everyone gets burned. It takes emotional
maturity and mental discipline to stay balanced and not give into our
ego. If your buttons get pushed today, stop the situation from escalating,
drop the ball and refuse to play and roll with the punches. Only you can
control the peace of mind in your life. If you give into the lower level
vibrations of those individuals who are not on the same path as you then
you give away your power. Be calm and carry on.